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What’s in a name? – I’m glad you asked!

When you have a business and you’ve named it or your website is designed to fulfil a specific need and you want a specific domain name to match your name, start by looking up the availability of the domain name.

If you can’t find the name you want, try different extensions. Whilst there are hundreds to choose from remember that although the newer TLD’s do offer an option, they often have less perceived value to customers and search engines alike.

Is the domain you want available?…Yes?…. great.. register it…

No?…. is it being used by the domain owner? (enter the name in your browser and find out!)… Many domains are either ‘parked’, not in use or maybe available soon. You can check who owns it by doing a ‘whois’ search. This will also show you when it is registered until and whether the domain is owned by a business or an individual. It may also show the domain owner’s name, contact address and sometimes even email or telephone number.

If it’s not in use and you can find the owner, the best course of action is to approach the owner and see if they want to sell it. Often you’ll find domain names that are for sale on aftermarket domain sale sites such as this!

If you can negotiate your way though the buying process, you’ll be rewarded with the domain you desire! If you’re unable to find the owner or reach agreement on a purchase of the domain name, then you need to keep calm and look at the next options… all is not lost!

Sometimes domains are registered with a view to future use, then nothing happens and they are left forgotten. In this case, you maybe lucky and be able to ‘catch’ the domain in the ‘drop’. After the registration period for a domain expires, there is a process that has to be followed by Nominet that tries to find the original registrant to see if they want to re-register the domain. If they are unsuccessful in finding or communicating with the owner, the domain is released for registration. If you know when the domain will be ‘dropping’ you can register it through you ISP as you would do normally. If the domain is of value and may be in demand it is always best to employ the services of a drop-catcher to try and get the domain for you.

If you’ve not managed to get your desired name there are still options open to you. You need to look at varying the domain name slightly. The best and most common way of getting your domain is to look at other business name possibilities like including the ‘LTD’ in the domain, include the geographical region you’re in, the market area you serve or alternatively go for something completely different and gear your business to use that name as its web presence.

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